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Minimize the risks of your international purchases. Find the payment method that best fits your and your suppliers’ needs.

  • International payments

    Make payments to any country through our network of branches, subsidiaries and correspondents. Minimize your exchange rate risk by closing your FX transaction at the spot or forward rate

  • Documentary collections

    An alternative to up-front payments, enabling you to obtain financing from the supplier through deferred payment with the goods already having been shipped

  • Documentary credits/Letters of credit

    Improves your ability to negotiate with suppliers and enables you to obtain a longer payment deferral period, thus guaranteeing the shipment of the goods at the shipment date

  • Financing

    Improves working capital management by financing money orders or transfers and the payment of letters of credit. Protect yourself against exchange rate fluctuations


Ensure collection for your exports by using the payment method that best suits your needs. Get immediate liquidity and be more competitive

  • International collections

    Receive your international collections and minimize your exchange rate risk by conducting FX transactions at the spot or forward rate

  • Documentary collections

    Maintain control over the goods being supplied until the buyer pays, or commits to do so, under the rules of the International Chamber of Commerce. Request the collection discount.

  • Documentary credits/Letters of credit

    Prevent purchase orders from being canceled or modified without your consent. Minimize collection risk and country risk, improve your liquidity and remove the receivable from your balance by requesting the discount. Ensure subcontractor collections

  • Financing

    Removes short- or medium-term receivables from the balance sheet, mitigating credit and currency risks. Offer your buyers the most convenient conditions — without impacting your liquidity. We have all the standard financing modalities (factoring, forfaiting, etc.), as well as others tailored to your needs

Guarantees/ Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC)

Negotiate the most favorable terms with your business partners, offering protection against possible contractual breaches at all of the different stages of the transaction’s life cycle

  • Financial guarantees

    Guarantee specific performance of payment obligations, in accordance with the terms of a debt instrument

  • Commercial guarantees

    For the import and export of goods and services, for transport, for customs and tax bonds, or to appeal against non-final decisions in administrative or judicial proceedings

  • Technical guarantees

    Guarantee your contractual commitments when participating in bids and public tenders, or the correct completion of a work, etc

  • Demand guarantees

    Autonomous and independent from the underlying transactions. Claims may be filed with just a default declaration.

  • Accessory guarantees

    Linked to the guaranteed obligation that constitutes its object. Defenses arising from the underlying contract may be raised against it. It is up to the creditor to provide evidence of the default


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