Pivot Net

Online banking to optimize the global management of your treasury.


Single access

Log in with the same credentials to all BBVA countries and access best in class local services.

Maximum security

Sign files / operations using a hard or a soft token and load encrypted files (pgp and 3SKey).

Global and local operations

Operate globally and locally in each of the countries in which BBVA operates.


Review and consolidate your accounts anywhere and anytime.



Global Position

  • View the global position of all your accounts.
  •  Consolidate the position of your accounts in different currencies.
  • Generate both customized and standard reports (MT940, BAI2, AEB43).


Manage and check the status of your company’s payments in a simple and agile way. Incorporate your files through the web and make manual payments using our assistant.

Upload and signature

Upload your files through the web and make manual payments using our wizzard.

Manual payments

  • Create payments and prepare batches for the different countries where BBVA operates, without using your company’s treasury system.
  • Monitor the status and detail of your manual payment.

Download information

  • Download files sent from your treasury system or those you have uploaded to the platform.
  • Download response files generated by Pivot Connect.

Access to local electronic banking

Operate in each of the countries BBVA is present in with the same user credentials and the best personalized service offer for each country.

Commercial cards expense management

Access Commercial Cards through Pivot Net when and where you need it and simplify the management of incurred expenses with BBVA corporate cards.

Loans agency service

The first digital solution that can identify the financing status of the syndicated loans for which BBVA is the agent bank in real time.

User administration

Administer your company’s user permits efficiently. Assign global and local profiles and manage who accesses the most sensitive information.

User creation and management

Create as many user profiles, roles and functions as you need, to operate globally and in the local electronic banking.


Receive user’s modification approval alerts.


Work securely. Two-factor authentication is required when accessing the platform and when signing transactions.

BBVA Pivot app

BBVA Pivot mobile app you can securely consult all your accounts, mange and sign payment files. It is available on iOS and Android.

Account management

Check the balances and transactions of all your accounts and consolidate your balances in a single currency.


Track your payments and sign your files anywhere.

Global Customer Service

We guide you in a personalized way, before, during and after contracting our services.

  1. Contracting

    We go along with you when signing the contract.

  2. Activation

    We send you the security devices and data necessary to activate the users.

  3. Set up

    Hacemos una sesión de formación y configuración de los administradores y de los servicios.

  4. Support

    We solve your doubts and issues and proactively monitor your files.

You will have a personalized guidance throughout the process.

Let’s work together

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