Syndicated Loan Monitoring

Real time status of your syndicated or bilateral loans with Agent.


Online access to your syndicated or bilateral loan

View all the information of your syndicated loan when BBVA is your agent bank.

Single digital channel

Examine all the information of your movements, covenants, waivers and amendments.

Alert generation

Check the alerts to optimize your loan management.



Summary of your financing

  • Check your loans details.
  • View the details of each tranche and consult the participating entities that comprise it.


Check the transactions card to review all the information associated with the loan, using filters to locate a specific transactions and display specifics details of it.


  • Check the covenants card to get all the information of the upcoming planned covenants as well as the historical ones.

  • A number of filters have been enabled to locate one or more covenants.

Waivers and Amendments

  • In this section you’ll find all the waivers and amendments requested throughout the life of the loan as well as those that are still pending.
  • Selecting any of these, will open an information sheet displaying details: description, majority required, deadline date, etc.

Download the information

Download information viewed on-screen associated with transactions, covenants, waivers and amendments.


9 alerts have been defined that are associated with the evolution of the syndicated loan. Check these alerts in your email or in the Pivot Net alerts module.

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