Pivot Connect

Operate in a homogeneous and centralized way with all BBVA geographies through direct channels.


  • Flexibility. Create files in a format of your election, add different types of payments and send them to different countries.

  • Centralized access. Connect directly from your treasury system with Pivot Connect or through BBVA Pivot Net (web and app).

  • Traceability and security. Track the status of your payments with certainty of them being executed locally.

  • Updated information of your BBVA and third-party bank accounts in real time.


Direct channels


We present the new APIs, which will allow your company treasury system to connect with BBVA:

  • Payment API
  • SWIFT GPI traceability API
  • Accounts balances and transactions APIs

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Host to host provides direct connectivity with your systems using secure protocols.

Some of the active protocols are:

  • SFTP
  • AS2
  • Web Services
  • EBICs


Establish a common language, a global communications network and a secure data processing system.

It can be used through two protocols:

  • FIleAct



Use secure protocols to offer encryption, signature and transaction control solutions. Cypher/autack / PGP / 3SKey

Duplicate control

Customize a duplicate control system that prevents duplicate payments from being processed by mistake.

Future payments

Send your payment files in advance and benefit from the ability to make modifications or even cancel them up until the execution date.

Automatic date adjustment

Modify the execution dates of payments avoiding possible rejections in each country.


Send payments in xml format (pain.001) and receive back the complete traceability of GPI payments executed in Spain. Only available in Spain

Comprehensive Assistance

We guide you in a personalized way, before, during and after using our services.

  1. Request

    We help define your needs

  2. Connectivity

    We create connectivity in a test environment.

  3. Tests

    We carry out tests to verify that the result is ok.

  4. Production

    We monitor the first sending to production.

  5. Support

    We solve doubts and issues. Proactive file monetization to anticipate any problem.

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