Global Supply Chain Finance

Optimize your working capital and improve the commercial relationship with your suppliers.

Buyer benefits

Optimize your supplier payments.

Speed ​​up the early collection of invoices for your suppliers.

Help improve the financial health of your suppliers

Strengthen your supply chain and your relationship with them.


Supplier benefits

Optimize working capital

  • Reduce the average collection period.
  • Guarantee early payments to improve liquidity.
  • Simplify your collection management.

Access to competitive financing cost

Advance payment pricing for suppliers based on buyer`s profile as a client, without consumption of credit lines.

Automated onboarding

Enjoy a simple and intuitive onboarding tool for suppliers.



Easy and intuitive navigation

Single access for buyers:

  • Centralized view of all your programs and suppliers in all locations and currencies.
  • Secure connection: Integrate your treasury systems (ERP) and adapt them to your business processes.
  • Complete control: Total traceability of all your invoices and payments to suppliers.


Single access for the supplier:

  • Simple and intuitive digital onboarding. Available in several languages ​​and adapted to the regulations of each country.
  • Simplicity and transparency in the advance payment of invoices.

Multi-currency payments


  • Spain: for payments in EUR, USD, GBP and CHF.
  • Mexico: for domestic payments in MXN and USD.
  • Peru: for domestic payments in PEN and USD.
  • NY: for domestic  payments in USD.
  • Colombia: for domestic payments in COP.
  • Soon advanced payments will be available ARS in Argentina.
  • Through the different channels of BBVA Pivot ecosystem (H2h, SWIFT and Web).

Centralized global management

  • Complete view of receivable accounts. Through a dashboard you will be able to check the status of your invoices and which ones are available to make an advanced payment.
  • Total traceability. You will be able to manage your company’s users and the profile to operate for each one of them.
  • Single global contract for programs in all countries.

Global Customer Service

We guide you in a personalized way, before, during and after using our services.

  1. Request

    We help to define your needs.

  2. Connectivity

    We create connectivity in a test environment.

  3. Tests

    We carry out tests to verify that the result is satisfactory.

  4. Production

    We monitor the first production test.

  5. Support

    We solve doubts and issues. Proactive file monetization to anticipate any problem.

You will have a personalized guidance throughout the process. Consultation and resolution of issues and active monitoring of files for signing.

Let’s work together

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