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Corporate email fraud: Business Email Compromise (BEC)

In 2022, BEC fraud, sent from supposedly corporate emails caused nearly $3 billion in losses in the U.S. Find out how below to identify these attacks.

Cybersecurity trends 2024: beyond the AI

We explain how Artificial Intelligence (AI) modifies the play rules of cybercrime in 2024 and other challenges that companies will face.

How to protect your company by protecting your digital fingerprint

Learning to manage your digital fingerprint is essential to minimize cybersecurity risks sprung from our visibility on the Internet.

Cybersafe holidays

Find out the best pieces of advice to protect yourself against cyberattacks when traveling, both pleasure and business.

What is social engineering and how can you defend yourself?

Get to know what social engineering is, the most common attacks and how to avoid becoming a victim of this kind of frauds

What is vishing?

We explain what this scam is and how you can protect yourself from it.

Spyware: What it is, what types exist and how it can be removed

Find out how you can protect yourself online in order to avoiding these dangerous Internet threats.

What is a Trojan and how can you protect yourself?

Find out what this malware can do to your computer and how you can avoid it.

Types of malware and how you can remove them

Here we explain what types of malicious software can attack your device and how you can protect yourself against them.

What pharming is and how you can avoid it

Here we explain what pharming is and how you can combat it.

What is phishing and what are its consequences?

This is how you can avoid having all of your sensitive data, including banking details, stolen via email.

Learn how to protect yourself from spear phishing

Here we explain the best way to identify this computer threat, what the dangers are and how you can avoid it.

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